Keith Kendrick

Over 40 years in folk performance

Vocal and instrumental music, social and ceremonial dance have all played a role in Keith Kendrick’s career, which has spanned nearly four decades to date and involved a relentless pursuit of the best ways to communicate to others the inspiration that has motivated him. A stage presentation which values humour, whilst maintaining respect for the music and a wry, vernacular delivery (which includes rather than patronises), combine with a depth of repertoire and a vocal and instrumental skill to make his performances a pleasure. If you want an example of someone for whom folk music and life have become completely inseparable – a true folk musician – look no further than Keith.
Roger Watson – Director of ‘T.A.P.S.’

Keith has CRB clearance documentation for working with children / vulnerable adults in schools, hospitals, care homes etc; Copies or originals can be presented on request.


Keith Kendrick
Photo by Andrew D.C. Basford (2006)


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